Biarritz Airport will welcome the 45th G7 summit from Friday 23thaugust to 26 august 2019 inclusive.

Due to safety reasons, the airport will be closed during this period.


By Prefectural decree of april 8th 2019, vehicules will be forbidden to park in all airport’s car parks from friday August 23th 7 a.m to monday August 26th 8 p.m.

All vehicle will be removed as required by article L325-I  of the road traffic legislation.

Consult Prefectural decree



This new business aviation terminal is designed to allow pilots to practice their profession safely and in optimal conditions. We provide Internet access and a committed self-service operations team, as we know that the flight dossiers are updated real-time upon the arrival of your flight. Our handling agents are qualified and proactive, ready to help you accommodate your flight plans in case of any unexpected changes.

Please contact:
Tel : +33 (0) 5-59-43-83-49

Heures d’ouverture de l’aérogare 7/7

9am – 6pm during the IATA winter season

9am – 9pm during the IATA summer season


Aeronautical Information



Radio navigation assistance

ILS: CAT1, DME, Balisage, PAPI


Orientation and physical dimensions :09/27, 2250m x45 m 27

Declared distance : Piste 09

LDA : 2050m

TORA : 2250

TODA : 2310

ASDA : 2250

Runway 27 LDA : 2250m

TORA : 2250

TODA : 2310

ASDA : 2250

Location : 43 28 06 N 001 31 52 W

Altitude : 245 ft


SSLIA niveau 7

Hours Tour : 0630/2300 LT

VHF Tour : 118.700 MHZ

VHF Handling : 131.775 MHZ

Fuel : AVGAS/JET A1/ 100 LL, 7j/7

Refueller : Air BP

Bank cards :

Handling : AMEX/VISA/MasterCard/

Fuel : AMEX/VISA/BPcard/Signature/Fuel release