Services to Aircrafts


Only 1.5 km from the historic centre of Biarritz, the Business Aviation terminal is located in the heart of the airport. Exclusively and totally dedicated to commercial and private jet charter aircraft, this space meets the highest international standards.

FBO By Onet Executive
Tel : +33 (0) 5-59-43-83-49

Services to aircrafts

Various aircraft from Citation Jets to Global Express planes are able to park in a demarcated area in the business aviation terminal. Larger aircraft are also welcome and can park in a large area within the commercial aviation zone. Refuelling is carried out by Air BP (pressure or nozzle refuelling).

  • Hangar
  • External aircraft cleaning
  • Full aircraft ramp handlin
  • Distribution of jet fuel AVGAS and 100LL

Hangar coming in 2024

  • 4000 m² hangar space are available to rent troughougt the year for a short or a long period of time
  • Accessible 365 days a year, during the opening hours of the terminal
  • Can welcome all type of aircrafts
  • Optimum protection against sea, air, UV rays, bad weather
  • Perfect security : Fire safety requirements, gable opening as large as possible for easy aircraft manoeuvring (70m widex 57 deep x 11m high), secured 24 hours a day by surveillance cameras
For more information, please contac:
Hangar Hangar

Coming in 2024

Hangar Hangar

Coming in 2024