FLASH INFO Biarritz-Pays Basque Airport

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Airport Info

75% of the grounds of Biarritz Pays Basque airport are located in the town of Anglet and 25% in Biarritz. The airport was built in the 1950s to serve a catchment area covering the southern part of the Landes département and the entire Pyrénées-Atlantiques département, as well as part of the Guipuzcoa province in the Spanish Basque Country. Biarritz Airport is run by a special governing board (“Syndicat Mixte”), made up of members from the Municipal Councils of CôteBasqueAdour, the Department Councils of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Department Councils of the Landes and the town of Saint Jean de Luz. The involvement of all these key local government players shows just how determined we are in our policy to place BAB Airport at the heart of the region’s future economic development.

General information

Airport: Aéroport de Biarritz Anglet Bayonne Airport manager: Syndicat Mixte pour l’Aménagement et l’Exploitation de l’Aérodrome Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne (Joint Association for Biarritz – Anglet – Bayonne Airport Planning and Operation) (SMAEABAB) ICAO code LFBZ / IATA code: BIQ Geographical location: 43º28’06”N 001º31’52”W; located 2 km south east of Biarritz Reference altitude: 245 feet (74.676 metres) Footprint: 137 hectares (75% in the town of Anglet and 25% in town of Biarritz) Runway orientation: 09/27 Atlas VAC:e AIP



  • 7 boarding gates (including two in contact with the terminal)
  • 2 jetways
  • 3 apron areas: 64,700m² (paved with bitumen). Alpha/Bravo: general aviation.
  • Charlie: commercial aviation
  • Type of traffic: IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) / VFR (Visual Flight Rules)
  • Landing aids: ILS, cat I, PAPI
  • Lighting: HI RWY 09/27 (approach line 420 m, rabbit HI RWY 09)


  • Annual handling capacity: 1,400,000 passengers
  • Surface area: 9,000 m²
  • 10 check-in desks
  • 4 Air France self-service kiosks
  • 3 security checkpoints (including one oversized security checkpoint)
  • 2 baggage reclaim carousels (international/national)


Jobs and Internships

  • Stage découverte: Ne réunissant pas temporairement, les conditions nécessaires pour accueillir et encadrer convenablement des stagiaires, l'aéroport de Biarritz Pays Basque n'acceptera aucune demande de stage inférieur à 3 semaines.
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